24PR & Events


24 PR & EVENTS is an event agency in Milan that focuses on communication, public relations and event organization.


The project was born from the collaboration between brothers Nicola and Giulio Nicoletti, both established industry professionals with decades of experience. And it was they who in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, decided to believe in the DIDAYS project by taking over the company in its entirety, thus becoming the owners of the Digital Innovation Days brand and then creating the first full digital edition of the event. It is then the Twins' expertise with a specialized project management team that gives birth to today's Digital Innovation Days: an event with an international scope, including the partnership of leading brands in the field and the engagement of a very active and specialized community.

24Pr & Events, in addition to being the creator and organizer of the DIDAYSHub project, is involved in national and international corporate events, and is also the co-organizer of Isola Design District, one of Milan's most important Design kermesses.