AAA capital sought for startups and SMEs

18/10/2023 | DIDAYS2023


Fintech and innovation, from launch to IPO: solutions for financing your business idea.

Between rising interest rates and rising costs, the past two years have put startups and SMEs through a lot when it comes to seeking funding. However, solutions for raising funds may not be as hard to find as it seems: through the panel organized by the fintech hub of Opstart as part of Digital Innovation Days, we see how a startup can build a funding path that can take the business from launch to IPO.
A moment of insight that echoes the event's core principles, which Opstart has decided to focus on to
better communicate and publicize the opportunities and advantages for startups and companies, which represent the future of the Italian economy and development, not only of crowdinvesting, but also of other forms of traditional and non-traditional finance that can be linked to it for even greater advantages.
A key role is played by incubators such as Startup Geeks, which function as true advisors, accompanying the company from the first steps towards an outlined and validated development path. Then among the initial solutions that can be used by companies at market launch is subsidized finance. Within this strand are. Warrant
Hub, a strategic and financial consulting firm for innovation, digital transformation and sustainable business development. Facilitated finance, in fact, encompasses the tools developed by local, national and European public institutions to facilitate this very objective.
After initial development, crowdfunding itself comes into play, and Opstart is the first fintech hub in Italy to offer companies and investors all the tools to raise and invest capital through crowdinvesting.
Fromequity (allowing the acquisition of shares in startups and SMEs) to lending (real peer-to-peer financing with periodic repayment of capital and interest) to debt crowdfunding (for the placement of bonds and
minibonds), the solutions for businesses seeking capital are many and diverse, as are the possibilities for investors to obtain or accrue attractive returns.
Among those who have grown and structured themselves precisely with these financing methods is Forever Bamboo, the company that has raised the most crowdfunding capital in Europe. With Opstart, it has promoted both equity and lending crowdfunding campaigns, proving that building and developing your business through crowdinvesting is possible.
Also bringing their testimony of success were. Edileco, a green building company in Valle d'Aosta that-thanks to a debt campaign and a lending crowdfunding campaign-is financing the complete redevelopment of the former hotel "Rayon de Soleil" from which 21 residential units of various sizes, a boutique hotel and a high-end restaurant will be created. The core values of the intervention are sustainability and innovation. Values also fully represented by the

Digital Innovation Days, the perfect setting to learn more about the benefits of crowdinvesting for innovative startups and SMEs, with a view to continuous innovation and sustainability, not only environmental but also financial: we look forward to seeing you there!


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