Kicking off #IsWhatYouSee, communication campaign on the value of authenticity on the web.

03/04/2017 | Digital


Twelve female testimonials tell their story with the web and confess how being real people was the winning choice for the growth of their professionalism, including through the web. 

They include Eleonora Rocca, founder of Mashable Social Media Day Italia + Digital Innovation Days.

Only if your image is real can you be authentic
Only if your message is true can you generate constructive relationships
Only if you really show who you are do people trust and rely on

Twelve female testimonials tell their story with the web and confess how being real people was the winning choice for the growth of their professionalism, including through the web.

The brainchild of Giovanna Vitacca, Personal and Business Style Coach, and Daniela Pellegrini, Marketing and Communication Consultant, #iosonociòchevedi aims to raise awareness of the concepts of transparency, consistency and authenticity on the web as principles on which to base constructive relationships and effectively support one's professional image as well.

"Today we are all public figures," declares Giovanna Vitacca, "it is enough to have a social profile to be in the spotlight. Our audience is our friends first and foremost, but for those who work with the web, the audience is the whole community made up of clients, partners, suppliers, colleagues, influencers. The big difference from actors who tread the boards is that we are real people, we are not acting or playing a role. We have to be authentic to generate identification, recognition, credibility."

#IsWhatYouSee therefore aims to push net users to tune form and substance, outward image and content, real life and virtual life so that even the web square is an extension of one's own world and not a parallel universe where one can be other than oneself or even put oneself forward with fake and deceptive profiles that only generate false expectations and disappointment.

The campaign, which will run until the end of July 2017, is actually just the first act of a broader project that aims to establish #iosonociòchevedi as a brand dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of valuable messages and content related to the world of communication, image and consistency between the two souls.
The Web is the privileged medium to support this initiative and to create a community of reference that shares the issues addressed and in turn is a propeller for their dissemination. A community made up not only of users, professionals, influencers, but also of companies that have made authenticity one of their foundations to build their credibility and reputation.
"This is the case of Fratelli Rossetti, Levico Acque and Astoria Wines who have enthusiastically embraced the initiative, but we hope other companies will accept our invitation to support the campaign and spread its messages. Today more than ever, the user, the consumer must believe in realities whose values are firm and honest; only if I trust a professional or a brand can I choose to rely on its services or buy its products," adds Daniela Pellegrini.
To date, 12 female testimonials have joined the campaign, 'putting their faces to it' in a video interview, each representing a professional field, who through the telling of their personal stories, testify how rewarding the truth of their message has been and how important and strategic the web has been for their business.
The interviews will be posted on the official Youtube channel( and Facebook page( and Instagram, one every ten days.
"Involving only women is not discriminating against men, a second edition dedicated only to male faces is planned in the fall," concludes Giovanna Vitacca. "Simply, to start, it seemed the most natural choice because it was two women who started this project and, as we know, women are generally more social and tend to create more synergy between private and professional life."
The protagonists of the "#IsWhatYouSee" campaign are: Ippolita Baldini, actress; Valeria Benatti, RTL radio speaker and writer; Annarita Briganti, cultural journalist and writer; Giada Curti - stylist; Margaret Dallospedale, blogger; Mafe de Baggis, (digital) media strategist; Laura Luz, singer; Stefania Mariposa, photographer; Benedetta Mazza, presenter; Selena Pellegrini, entrepreneur; Barbara Rossi, sports manager and educationalist; and #SMDAYIT + DIDAYS founder Eleonora Rocca.

On Oct. 20, Giovanna Vitacca will speak at Mashable #SMDAYIT + DIDAYS to tell the audience about the "#IsWhatYouSee" campaign and its early results.


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