How is Reputation built and measured?

04/10/2018 | Digital


Reputation Science, the first company in Italy to combine traditional and digital communication for a scientific and measurable methodological approach to Reputation management, is born

Reputation, whether of a brand, a manager, or any individual, is built and changed in both the digital and analog environments.

From this assumption was born Reputation Science, a company created by Community Group and Reputation Manager to build, strengthen and protect the most valuable asset each of us possesses.

The innovative joint venture has given birth to the first company in Italy that combines traditional and digital communication skills by providing strategic and consulting support based on a scientific and measurable methodological approach to reputation management.

Community Group

Community Group, a reputation management group founded and led by Auro Palomba, and Reputation Manager, a leader in the analysis and management of the online reputation of brands and public figures founded and led by Andrea Barchiesi, in late July announced the birth of this new company, which counts on a group of 80 professionals, including communication experts, engineers, crisis management consultants and analysts who in Community Group and Reputation Manager have acquired a track record and skills that position them today at the highest standards in the market.

"Every company, institution or manager knows how reputation is a central asset in the ability to pursue its growth objectives"-said Auro Palomba, Chairman of Reputation Science and Community Group. "With the explosion of network access, the paradigms of communication have changed: remaining invisible is no longer a viable option, as media and communities - online and offline - increasingly have the ability to define our identity even on our own, if the flow of information is not managed. "The ability to speak to one's stakeholders," continues Auro Palomba, "therefore makes the traditional barrier between online and offline communication obsolete, and integrated reputation management increasingly necessary.

"The basics have not changed: companies need to be able to reach their audiences in the squares where reputation is formed, with new languages and new approaches. This scenario imposes the need to have a scientific and rigorous method capable of capturing this complexity and enabling the definition of a comprehensive reputation management strategy. These are the assumptions on which we created Reputation Science," concluded Palomba.

"We believe strongly and have always believed in a scientific approach to communication, integrated into all phases of the reputational cycle: from defining the company's communication goals to the strategic proposition to achieve them," commented Andrea Barchiesi, Ceo of Reputation Science and Reputation Manager.
"Reputation Science was created with the intention of offering companies a very high level of consultancy based on a holistic approach to reputation building."

On the advisory board of Reputation Science sit in addition to, Palomba and Barchiesi, Giuliano Pasini, Roberto Patriarca, Marco Rubino, Davide Cefis, Elisa Fusaro, Daniele Marini, Pasquo Cicchini and Silvia Borsari.


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