Digital Innovation Days 2023: the agenda

22/10/2023 | Press


Hundreds of speeches, workshops, insights on digital and innovation issues with top experts in the field.

Digital Innovation Days 2023, the annual event dedicated to innovation and digital, is very close. Among the industry's landmark events, this year Didays "triples" by offering 3 days of live events with a packed agenda.

The date is October 25-27, 2023 at the Talent Garden at Via Calabiana 6 in Milan, Italy (

Digital Innovation Days, now in its fifth edition, has always brought together professionals, experts and industry leaders to discuss, learn, build meaningful connections in the digital world, share experiences and open a window to the future. The 2023 edition celebrates in a special way the power of human synergies and connections in the digital age by bringing "HUMAN CONN@CTIONS" as its central "on stage" theme. Three days of live event with 1 Inspirational Room, 1 Panel Room and 2 thematic rooms dedicated to Digital and Innovation with 8 vertical focuses and several workshops.
The 2023 agenda offers a more diverse program than ever before and rich in valuable content.

Day 1 - Wednesday, October 25 - INSPIRATIONAL DAY.

On the first day, visionaries and innovators will share on the main stage, moderated by Stefano Saladino Head of Content Strategy @Digital Innovation Days, their inspirational speeches their perspective of the present, illustrating models of innovation and revolutionary ideas for the future that cut across every sector of the market. It starts at 9:30 a.m. with opening remarks by organizers Giulio and Nicola Nicoletti, founders of 24 Pr Events, who will officially kick off the three-day event from the main stage.

Among the highlights will be the talk by Paolo Ercolani Philosopher and Lecturer @University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" entitled "Intelligence: human or artificial?" where risks and opportunities inherent in A.I. an extraordinary
invention that can save humanity. Or destroy it. "Orienting ourselves in the clutter" is the title of the talk by Nicola Neri CEO @Ipsos: How can we successfully navigate through the chaos that characterizes modern society? Through Ipsos research and analysis, Neri will explore the strategies and skills needed to make informed decisions in a changing landscape.
continuous transformation.
And again, it will be possible to listen to an interview with Pegah Moshir Pour, consultant and activist for Human and Digital Rights.
Oscar Farinetti will provide his "10 Moves to Face the Future."
It will then reflect with Giuseppe Mayer CEO @Antifragile on the assumption, "What is your Generative AI Business Strategy?"
"What if, Future Scenarios and Transformative Challenges." It will be discussed by Alberto Robiati Director @Forwardto - Studies and Skills for Future Scenarios with Nicoletta Boldrini Futures Literacy Advocate | Journalist and popularizer @Tech4Future and the visual product support of: Irene Coletto Visual Foresight Designer @Forwardto - Studies and skills for future scenarios.
International guest, Erik J. Larson, American writer, tech entrepreneur, computer scientist @KBSI Knowledge Based Systems, Inc, will present his book "The Myth of Artificial Intelligence" debunking more than one cliché.
The last part of the first day's proceedings will feature Susanna Martucci CEO and Founder @ALISEA winner of the Gammadonna Award for Innovative Women Entrepreneurship 2023. Closing the proceedings on the main stage will be a dialogue between Andrea Moccia Editorial Director @Geopop and Andrea Crocioni Editor-in-Chief of Touchpoint @Oltre La Media Group entitled "Science in Everyday Life."

Parallel to the inspirational speeches, starting in the late morning, five thematic focuses: DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion), Metaverse Gamification, Crowdfunding for Startups and SMEs, Milan Digitech Hub and Communication & GenZ.

Anna Forciniti Impact-based Innovation & Sustainability Maker. Founder @Evidentia SB Ltd., will lead the first thematic focus dedicated to DEI(Diversity Equity Inclusion), a series of insights into how the application of inclusive and ethical principles can lead to better results, greater creativity and innovation in business: encounters with those who are different from us make the multitude of resources and talents within us flourish. Walking the space between us and "the other" is the most intriguing path we can take to foster new individual and collective, economic and social prosperity, to innovate and
improve because it is the road that maximizes everyone's talents. What does it mean, for example, positive meeting of diversity in the digital world? What innovations and impacts can it generate? Among new questions and perspectives, the word Inclusion takes on another flavor. It moves out of the perspective of integrating others into our normalcy and into the paradigm of opportunity for all and mutual benefit. We are all individuals who need to find our own distinctiveness and place in the world. We walk the path of encountering diversity because it is the most powerful activator of our multitudes.

The focus related to Gaming and the Metaverse will be led by Alessio Crisantemi Editor-in-Chief @GiocoNews With him we will discuss the true nature of the medium, delving into the dimension of gamification, debunking the many myths related to the hype achieved by this sector in recent years.

"AAA Capital Wanted for Startups and SMEs." The past two years have put startups and SMEs through a lot when it comes to seeking funding. However, finding funding is not always as difficult as it seems Anna Raschi General Manager @Opstart Fintech Hub Manuel Urzi' Senior Startup Analyst @Startup Geeks Mauro Lajo Managing Director @Forever Bambù Graziano Zinzelli Corporate Finance Business Unit Director @Warrant Hub Spa Sara Faraci Communication Manager @Edileco - eco-friendly construction and renovation.

Finally, also in the afternoon, two vertical panels dedicated to communication: Milano Digitech Hub - The smart model to promote and implement the attractiveness of the territory and the development of the Digitech ecosystem. It will be discussed by Albi Hoxa Head of Public-Affairs and Communications @ Premium Digital Marketing Italy with Nicola Spadafora Avvocato @ Tonucci & Partners, Caterina Laurenzi Head of Human Capital @ Milano&Partners, Enrico Deluchi CEO @ PoliHub and Selim Giray Partner @ Milano Investment Partners SGR S.p.A.

Communication & GenZ, Sergio Spaccavento ecd @ h48 will discuss it with Fede Perlam Automotive @ Befuel Performance, Fabrizio Rospo Student in web marketing and digital communication @ IUSVE and Simona Capoferri Head of Sales & Brand Solutions @ ScuolaZoo.

Day 2 - Thursday, Oct. 26

On the second day to alternate on the main stage will be two major themes: social media and e-commerce. Moderated by Luca La Mesa, Founder & Social Media Strategist @ Social & Impact, the focus on social will see panels and speeches of
in-depth discussion on the topic, including the case study "Labello-Mania: When everything changes thanks to TikTok" with Jessica Gazzoli Brand Partnership Director @COSMIC and Ilaria Balena Marketing Manager Southern Europe @Beiersdorf and an interview with Marco Cartasegna founder @Torcha the publishing phenomenon for GenZ.

Moderated by Marianna Chillau CEO & Founder @Marlene Live & Transactional, the afternoon of Day 2 will be dedicated to e-commerce insights, including reflection given by a question, "If your customers could talk?"
Laura De Lorenzis Senior Partnership Manager, Italy & GEM @Trustpilot's talk will reveal how listening and becoming the voice of your customers is the key to building your reputation. This will be followed by Robin Devon Calandri Chief Marketing Officer @Pandarocket AI's insight on "How AI transforms e-commerce."

Parallel to the opening proceedings of the main stage, the Emerging Tech talks in the second room will unfold, including: The speech by Ilan Misano CEO, X-Applied. Former Manager of Startup Growth Lab, Google Israel's Startup Accelerator @X-Applied, ex-Google, moderated by Sara Michelle Delpiano Senior Community Manager @Innovation Manager hub.
Instead, Philip Myths Customer Success Manager @ Ammagamma, Alessandro Russo Head of Strategy and Marketing @ Humanitas Medical Care and Cinzia De Vincenzi Key Account Solution Manager @ Olympus will speak on "Digital Healtcare - Technologies to Improve the Healthcare Experience of the Future": envisioning future healthcare as a new healthcare experience where the individual is at the center. Thanks to new technologies, the system becomes more accessible, efficient, simple, and personalized.
Today, numerous multinational companies and innovative startups are leveraging this trend to redefine the future of healthcare for millions of people. Is Italy ready?.

In the afternoon, we will kick off speeches related to the world of work and training moderated by Francesco G. Lamacchia CEO @Dot Academy. Many industry professionals will take turns on the Greenhouse stage, including Silvia Zanella author and manager, Linkedin Top Voice Lavoro with her Speech "New voices are needed at work." Zanella will also speak with Laura Huang Associate Professor @Harvard Business School in the next panel entitled, "Words that matter at work." This will be followed by a panel dedicated to Talent acquisition & Retention with Emma Lo Conte Editor in chief @University Network and Debora
Gatti Head of People Attraction&Recruitment Italy @UniCredit, curated by: Francesco G. Lamacchia CEO @Dot Academy.

Day 3 - Friday, October 27

In the third and final day of work on the main stage some of the best players related to web & content marketing andinfluencer marketing will take the stage.
Moderated by Gaetano Romeo Brand Ambassador Whitepress Europe @WhitePress, the focus on web and content marketing will investigate the new opportunities and frontiers of digital marketing. Mirko Pallera CEO & founder @Ninja will discuss this in his talk "WEB3, Understanding the Next Revolution.
"Face to face with GenZ: deciphering the codes of the new digital era" is the title of the survey that investigates the habits the languages and preferences of young people telling how Gen Z perceives, interacts and reacts to brand narratives. The study will be the official launch of the Gens Observatory, which was created to provide crucial insights to marketing and communication professionals and the research world on how to interpret the communicative landscape
generation... Speaking on the panel will be Nicholas Cappelletti Deputy Head of Communication Area @ Salesian University Institute Venice IUSVE, Daniele Chieffi Journalist, communicator, reputation manager, lecturer.
Founding partner of Bi Wise. Ceo The Magician. Co-founder Ailyn @ Bi Wise and Mirko Bruni COO @ The Fool.
With Angelica Eruli CEO and Founder @ Wecontent we will discuss "Pride and Prejudice in Writing with AI": is it enough to know how to use AI to write well? An excellent opportunity to answer this and other questions
about generative AI. We will then discover "the importance of omnichannel CRM" with Maria Laura Albini Partner @ARAD Digital.

Finally, Matteo Pogliani, Founder @Onim, will moderate the section dedicated toinfluencer marketing: an afternoon full of unprecedented and interesting appointments including: "Inclusive media factory - diversity content through influencer marketin".
An in-depth look at the production of inclusive influencer marketing content, with personalities from the world of diversity that can bring about a change in the collective imagination and at the same time advertise. Riccardo Pirrone Irresponsible for Communication @ kirweb & kiracademy & WONTY MEDIA, Francesco Rellini Head of Business @Wonty Media and Samuele Bartoletti Content Creator @ Wonty Media will talk about it.

"The future of the creator economy: the social publisher?" Alan Tonetti Founder @Stardust with Gaetano de Blasio di Palizzi Head of Audio, Video, SEO & Branded Contents @GEDI Digital will discuss.
"Creators and young generation: the convergence of Content and Values" will participate in the debate on the topic Ilaria Barbotti Founder Nomad Atelier - Hoepli Author - Influencer expert @ IBPR atelier, Giulio Pasqui Ceo and Cco of Webboh @ Webboh, Abbia Maswi Makeup Artist & Content Creator @ Abbia Maswi, Jessica Piga Head Of Talent Manager @ Power Srl and Benedetta De Luca Gender And Inclusion editor The Wom- Content Creator @ Power Talent Agency.

Case studies and virtuous examples of sustainability will be presented on the Greenhouse stage in the morning of Oct. 27, moderated by Francesca Petrella Communication Manager and D&I Ambassador @IPSOS. These include the "Planet" panel with Giulia Marzetti Italian Sustainability - European Commission @Founder @European Commission Italian Sustainability; Expert @European Commission Leonardo Bottaro Global Head of Brand Communications @Costa Edited by: Francesca Petrella Communication Manager and D&I Ambassador @IPSOS. Marco Fimognari CEO & Co-Founder @Re-Cig S.r.l. Omar Fulvio Bertoni Ceo & Co.
FOunder @LifeGate Way will discuss with Federico Ferrazza Director of Wired Italia @Condé Nast on the topic of "Business Models and Innovation for the Circular Economy."
"Connecting digital to nature: the Treedom case" will explore the Treedom platform and its role in promoting environmental sustainability through technology with Federico Garcea Founder @Treedom srl.

Closing the proceedings will be panels dedicated to retail, which will offer industry professionals an insight into the future of this undiscovered world: with "From Startups to Scale Up - New Business Models Advancing Niccolò Bencini CEO and Co-Founder @Barberino's, Michele Mannara Chief Operating Officer @I love Poke and Francesco Magro CEO & Founder of Winelivery, will discuss with Antonio Ragusa Co-founder & CEO @Retail Hub.
Mirela Jianu Head of Technology Market Analysis & Benchmark, @ENI Luca Pronzati Chief Business Innovation Officer @MSC Cruises and Silvia Eleonora Campioni Chief Innovation Officer @Lactalis Italia will open the discussion with Antonio Ragusa Co-founder & CEO @Retail Hub on "Open Innovation: what strategies?"


Scheduled within Digital Innovation Days 2023 are many workshops conducted by some of the leading experts in the field. They will be focal moments of connection and enrichment on the hot topics of this fifth edition, from AI to e-commerce and creative communication. Among which we highlight: on Thursday, Oct. 26 at 10:30 a.m. in Room 2, Silvia Sassi, Chief Strategy Officer at Notomia will hold an engaging workshop that will delve into the topic
of Artificial Intelligence for digital transformation in the enterprise: an intensive experience designed for those whose goal is to overcome business challenges by embracing technological innovation.

Also on October 26 at 3 p.m. with Giulia Ventura, Business Development Manager, we will talk about "B2B disruption: advertising solutions" it will be possible to discover how a marketplace such as Alibaba precisely, can be a useful tool to maximize the visibility of one's brand, reaching a qualified target thanks to the advertising solutions available.

On Friday, Oct. 27, at 3:30 p.m., we will instead talk about "Grandma's Pitch" with Egidio Alagia, Antonio Incorvaia, Co-founder and Editor in Chief of Divergens, respectively, and Ciccio Rigoli, Writer, Copywriter and Performer: New Jobs, New Professions, New Needs to Explain to People You'd Like to Work with.
Grandma's Pitch could be the solution because, "If you can explain your job to your grandmother in one minute, you could do it with anyone."

Inspirational speeches, panels, focuses and workshops will be interspersed with business meetings, networking and convivial moments, such as the final party, a fitting conclusion to a busy three days and the perfect occasion to celebrate 5 years of Didays.

Digital Innovation Days 2023 is sponsored by the City of Milan and supported by (Main sponsor), Trustpilot and Ipsos (Premium Sponsor), RDS (Main Media Partner), and numerous sponsors, media partners.

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