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DIDAYS crosses event boundaries and aims to consolidate itself as a hub-experimental and innovative-participatory community. Excellent kick-off with the networking meeting at the Phyd Hub in Via Tortona 31, Milan.

MILAN - The journey of Digital Innovation Days, the most anticipated event in the digital world that is now broadening its horizons, has officially begun.
On Wednesday, March 6, at Phyd Hub in Via Tortona 31 in Milan, the first of a series of traveling stops for in-depth discussion and networking was held. The historic DIDAYS format dedicated to digital and innovation, broadens its horizonsaiming to consolidate itself as a hub-experimental and innovative-participatory community thanks to the involvement of companies, startups, schools, universities, research centers, institutions, industry players and territories.

Also unveiled are the dates of the main event, DIDAYS 2024, scheduled for October 8-9-10 at the Talent Garden Calabiana in Milan developing the theme of HUMAN POWERFULNESS: in an era dominated by the narrative of the potential of Artificial Intelligence, putting the human at the center is a must, to bring him back to the awareness of his strategic role within this scenario of continuous transition. A human who must pay attention "moment by moment" to what is happening in order to be an architect and protagonist of change.

A time of networking and sharing of purpose on March 6, where all participants were involved in building a multifaceted vision of the opportunities that Innovation can generate for the individual and in the community in which they live.

Among the valuable contributions was the talk by Rosario Sica, CEO OpenKnowledge - BIP GROUP, who addressed more topical issues than ever related to new ways of experiencing work, all sharing a common thread: "The systematic approach to thriving in the 'Never Normal'."Goal: "Rethinking the world of work by taking care of changing expectations, the needs of belonging, and the need to reconcile work organized by objectives with a fulfilling personal life."

Layla Pavone, Coordinator Board Technological Innovation and Digital Transformation of the City of Milan, addressed the topic of innovation for the common good by talking about digital citizenship and synergies among all players in the area: "We have created a board for innovation that involves close collaboration with the players in the area who deal with these issues in every sector. The task of the City of Milan is to play the role of facilitator by distributing resources and involving all players in the City's management activities. Objective: to support innovation-related initiatives across the board and build a mosaic of events, associations and professionals to form a community aware of these crucial issues."

Vittorio Martinelli - CEO of Olympus Italy reasoned on the need for organizations to pay holistic attention to the issue of sustainability in order to increase their attractiveness and positive impact on the world starting with a question, "But what do you do for the world? If you do nothing for others your action is worthless."

"An internal corporate culture that is open to listening to the individual is crucial," Martinelli explains. "To make a difference, we need to engage people on some crucial issues such as environmental and social sustainability.


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"The primary objective of DIDAYS has always been to popularize innovation," explains Stefano Saladino, "Operating as an 'observer of change,' DIDAYS today becomes an ecosystem capable of understanding, watching, observing the market, intercepting innovation movements related to positive changes and progress, so as to create initiatives in which to tell, to an extended audience, the opportunities related to innovation and digital. This is done through a constant work of collecting and synthesizing content carried out by the curators of the different verticals, professionals of reference throughout Italy, and thanks to an organizational soul with 20 years of experience behind it capable of developing small and large events and related communication tools."

An ecosystem that is already operational on 4 main assets:
Media: with the development of the Podcast "GLI INNOVATORI" together with Podcastory, the Video Format "NET" in collaboration with Touchpoint, and the publication of a House Organ in collaboration with IUSVE.
Events in Milan: accompanying events to DIDAYS24 - organized in collaboration with partners: Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Eco della Stampa and many others.
Local events on the territory: contamination events on the Italian territory - organized in collaboration with partners: Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini, Turin and IUSVE, Verona.
Content partnerships: partnerships with third-party initiatives that share the same values as DIDAYS such as Italian Gaming Expo, Women in Action by LifeGate Way,

A work that will converge and enrich the Milan main event in October also renewed in the organization of the days. Here is the agenda:

Dedicated to: CEOs, Top Managers, Entrepreneurs and Public Administrators.
Topic: navigating business transitions and evolutions requires having knowledge and vision. A full day of inspiration led by keynote speakers from business and academia will walk the audience through a vision of the future.
What happens:
The main stage will feature visionaries and innovators sharing their perspective of the present with inspirational speeches, illustrating models of innovation and revolutionary ideas for the future that cut across every sector of the market.
In parallel inside the Green House and Workshop Room there will be panels, focuses and workshops interspersed with business meetings and networking moments that will end with a moment of conviviality and connection: the Networking Dinner.

Dedicated to: C-Level, Innovation Managers, Startup CEOs, Consultant Executives, Freelancers, Public Administrators, Consultants.
Topic: the whole organization is involved in a journey of innovation and change and it is necessary to understand in detail how innovation and digital change organizational and business models through vertical sessions related to different business functions (research and development, production and quality, logistics and purchasing, marketing, sales, administration and finance, personnel management and information systems) and the development of horizontal topics (sustainability, DEI, etc.)

What's Happening:
The main stage will feature some of the industry's top players who will delve into focal topics and new paradigms useful for understanding the changing business landscape.
Parallel to the work on the main stage, interventions will take place in the Green House: in-depth panels and debates. Master classes and interactive activities by some of the leading experts in the field will come to life in the workshop rooms. These will be focal moments of connection and enrichment on the hot topics of the sixth edition of the event.

Dedicated to: CEOs, Communication Agencies, Consultants, Freelancers, Marketing, Communication and PR Managers and Communication Agency Executives.
Topic: an in-depth exploration of Digital Marketing opportunities. From Content Marketing to ADV, from Social Media Marketing to Creator and Influencer marketing, from Digital PR to email marketing, with a close and in-depth look at how AI, generative and otherwise, is revolutionizing the industry.
What's Happening:
On the third and final day of work on the main stage, some of the best players related to the world of Digital Marketing will take the stage.
The Green House will host panels and vertical debates on crucial industry issues while there will be no shortage of opportunities to delve into and touch on some of the key aspects of the Digital Marketer's work with masterclasses and interactive activities in the Workshop Rooms.


Next meeting, while waiting for the main event, is Wednesday, March 20 at 5 p.m. in Turin at Open Incet - 17, Piazza Teresa Noce, the Open Innovation center of the city of Turin for IMPACTFUL INNOVATION: seizing the new challenges - networking event in collaboration with Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini.

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