Federica Mori, Social Media Strategist at Mashable Social Media Day 2018.

03/01/2018 | Digital


The 2018 edition of Mashable Social Media Day will be special for so many reasons. The expertise of the speakers, the breadth of the location and the number of participants will be distinctive elements that, once again this year, will raise the bar for an increasingly unique event of its kind.

But the real strength of an event, we know, is the people who make it up day-to-day. We are talking about Eleonora Rocca, tireless Founder and the apex of a complex but inspiring organizational pyramid. We are talking, above all, about the broad and passionate work team that supports the promotion of the event throughout the year.

Among these people we have the pleasure of introducing you to one in particular, Federica Mori, who first kindly lends herself to the interview format. Because Mashable Social Media Day 2018 is the event where we celebrate digital, sure, but most of all the wonderful people who give it a face and a soul.

From high school to college, one element appears to be stable in your education: an interest in the humanities. How important are humanities skills to you in the field of social media and corporate communications?

"I am everything! That I was not suited for numbers and science subjects I realized early on, which is why I chose a more humanistic path. I wanted to do psychology, then I veered toward advertising, which is actually not so different. Humanities studies allowed me to develop a path related to people and consumption, which turned out to be fundamental with the birth of Social Media and helped me to understand it from the very beginning, when in Italy we were still not talking about Facebook and its potential related to business use. So I went back to study, and I dedicated myself to Facebook Marketing, which today is one of my main activities."

As a freelancer, you work with diverse clients and face constant challenges. What services do you offer specifically and what value do you place on a freelance career?

"I work mainly in Facebook Marketing and Press Office. Being freelance allows me to be able to choose who I work with, depending on the project. This has meant a lot in my decision to go freelance. If you like something you do it more willingly, right? For me this is fundamental.

I work with both small/medium businesses and local businesses such as Restaurants, Hotels and stores, which are the ones that nowadays have a "faster" response to activities on Facebook because they are "followed" by small communities that have an interest in staying updated on the new product, discount or dish of the week. A page with interesting content, a consistent and appealing graphic style, constant presence to respond and interact with fans, and a few well-targeted adv campaigns are the "ingredients" to start from to create a good strategy that satisfies the customer.

Creating interactions and relationships is increasingly important. I have been working with the press since I joined the agency (2007) and I have seen how the advent of bloggers and influencers has changed the concept of PR making it increasingly digital today. You can no longer do Press Office without flanking the good (and old) print media with a Digital PR strategy: in certain sectors, such as beauty or fashion, people to find out the next season's trends tend to follow influencers more than read magazines. But I don't give up and continue to re-call female journalists and calmly flip through the newspapers with a cup of coffee in hand. Because in print media I still believe, it will always have its weight."

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Between sports and hobbies, what does Federica Mori like to do in her spare time?

"Being freelance allows me to better manage my time: I may work 10 to 12 hours a day, Monday through Friday, but Saturday and Sunday I am off line: phone off, to recharge my batteries.

I love the mountains. I am partly "at home" in Madonna di Campiglio where in winter I indulge in some snowboarding every weekend. In the summer I divide my time between Campiglio and Val di Fassa where I relax, between rides, friends and good food.

I read a lot, when possible outdoors. I especially love detective stories but also indulge in lighter, more frivolous "intervals." I have authors that I have been following for 20 years and of whom I read everything as soon as it is published, such as Michael Connelly, Patricia Cornwell, Donato Carrisi, Kepler Lars but also Sophie Kinsella, Banana Yoshimoto, Federica Bosco, Dan Brown and of course J.K. Rowling, whom I will never finish thanking for Harry Potter.

I am also a TV Series maniac. In my spare time, in the evenings or on rainy weekends, I do real TV marathons to catch up on missed episodes. I watch everything from Crime, Medical Drama, Fantasy and all the Super Hero series based on Marvel and DC Comics. Let's just say the Netflix and Sky subscription I make good use of!"

How did you first come into contact with the event and when did you decide to embrace its organization?

"I met Eleonora in the Socialgnock group. When she first talked about SMDAYIT, I decided to participate. Then she asked if anyone was available for live tweeting the event and I applied. It was June 2015. I thus took part in my first SMDAYIT and, after seeing the enthusiasm Eleonora was putting into it and the desire to make it a bigger and bigger event, I "married" Ele's project and made myself available for subsequent editions. Seeing the 2017 edition with over 1,000 participants was a great thrill and satisfaction, as was knowing that I had given my small contribution, year after year, to make it the TOP Digital event in Italy! That is why when Eleonora asked me to have, for 2018, a greater involvement in the organization, I could only say yes. It will be even bigger, more international and cooler than last year. Those who miss it will bitterly regret it! ;-)".


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