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25/09/2020 | Digital


The lockdown was a time of reflection and important choices. Some people have seen their work radically disrupted, having to reinvent or upgrade themselves, making the best use of digital tools.

The central role of online training then emerged.

In the current context, it is clear that college education is not enough.

Many young people have only a theoretical background at the end of their academic course and little practice. This is a not insignificant gap that affects the job market.

Consequently, remote training is something we should all invest in, companies and workers alike, with the aim of renewing and deepening knowledge. The ultimate goal is to be highly skilled in such a competitive era.

Today, through any device, connected to the network, it is possible to take advantage of many resources in a flexible way. This allows for optimal time management, learning at your own pace: unhurried but nonstop.

For example, it is possible to follow:

  • webinar
  • courses
  • podcast
  • social media feeds


Google is a mine of resources that can enrich the Curriculum Vitae, some paid and some free. Let's look at some examples from the first category.

Recently presented within the "Growth with Google" program were 3 training paths, the Google Career Certificates. These are courses designed for those who wish to obtain a qualification in a high-growth industry. It will be possible to obtain a valid certificate in less than 6 months by investing a few hundred euros.

The professionals who will be trained are:

  • Data Analytics
  • Project Manager
  • UX Designer

The Mountain View company, has also designed a free course, the "Digital Growth Program," it will enable small publishers to consolidate and grow online business by developing digital platforms. It will be rolled out in 6 states: Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, Poland and France.

During the training will be carried out:

  • Workshop in which we will explore business and communication strategies to increase the engagement rate with the target audience
  • workshops (limited number)
  • hands-on activities with online platforms offering on-demand content.

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Laura Zucchiatti
Brand Ambassador #DIDAYS20


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