Globalization, inequality, AI, jobs: from Ipsos an overview of society in an era of polycrisis

24/10/2023 | Press


IPSOS will present at the Digital Innovation Days event data from the "Orienting in Disorder" analysis that investigates how we respond to change. Here are some interesting data previews.

We experience nontrivial periods of discontinuity in which we try to get used to the transition from one crisis to another or depending on interpretation from one opportunity to another. A period in which crises must be addressed not sequentially but even in parallel or overlapping with the consequent increase in the complexity of the world." A lucid interpretation of the data that of Nicola Neri, CEO of IPSOS, commenting on the study "Orienting Yourself in Disorder," which returns a snapshot on people's feelings and behaviors in relation to the complexity of the contemporary world. An overview from which one can distinctly perceive the increase in the complexities of living at all levels. Complexity translates into challenges that in turn take the form of a series of transitions:

"We are in a state of continuous transition between what is no longer and what is not yet," comments Neri, " From the ecological transition to the energy transition; from the labor transition to the demographic transition to the value transition. Each one different from the other but with a lowest common denominator: the important changes that inevitably mark people's feelings, attitudes and daily behaviors that are very often contrasting and different depending on the context." In IPSOS snapshots, the impact of these momentous changes on everyday life can be verified. On the topic of globalization, feelings are mixed: on the one hand after years of growth is questioning the phenomenon, we live in a world that is increasingly interconnected but also increasingly divided with great difficulties for those who have historically driven this process.

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