The weirdest apps of recent times: ghost detectors, aids for hardened Don Juan, smartphone addicted cats, but not only!

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Useful or crazy apps?

Endless and curious Apps

Apps that aggregate quick and tasty recipes, apps to update and share-perhaps with a partner-the shopping list, apps to chat, call, and video call friends and relatives near and far, apps to remind us of deadlines, birthdays, and reunions. And then there are them: the weirdest apps of recent times! The range is wide and offers a solution for every need, even those you never imagined you would have. Let's go through them in detail and reveal everything, but really everything, there is to know about these tools. Are these useful or crazy apps? You be the judge of that. Definitely nice ones!

Apps dedicated to relationships

Do you have problems in managing interpersonal relationships? All solved. In fact, many of the strangest apps concern the sphere of relationships. And you know, problems start as early as the morning. If you are very talkative types from the sound of the alarm clock, while all around you (whether roommates, partners or family members) all hate to talk before coffee, Wakie is the app for you. Once installed, you will welcome calls that allow you to exchange jokes and reports on the day's plans with a virtual friend. Happy? But that's not all. Would you love to have a soulmate? With the My Virtual Boyfriend app you can cuddle and care for your virtual beau - custom created - 24 hours a day, almost as if he were a Tamagotchi! But what if you have the opposite problem and can't manage your many relationships? Amazing Girlfriend Manager, the app designed to remind you of dates taken, lies (or half-truths) told, and even the level of involvement (in case one later can't remember!), takes care of that.

App for ever-present boyfriends

Engagement app present

On the other hand, for those who already have a girlfriend and want to be a model boyfriend all the time, here is one of the strangest apps, Bro App. The app allows you to be always present with love messages even when you are going out with friends and do not want to live with your smartphone in your hand. If your girlfriend is one of those who wants to receive text messages frequently (also to make sure you are not with other damsels), Bro App helps you in this mission. How. Set up messages in advance and calculate what time you would like your her to receive them. Schedule them in short. At the specified time the text messages will go off and you can enjoy the evening with your friends freely. What if your girlfriend peeks into your phone? Everything under control: the app has a password. Feeling a little guilty? You have plenty of reason to, but there is a solution for that too: in the Confession app you can write down all your sins.

Curious apps

In the age of Web 2.0, it is now common knowledge that we have all become a bit more exhibitionist. And who doesn't have a cat at home who loves to take selfies and share them on social networks? Thanks to Snapcat (not Snapchat) Fufi will be able to take pictures of himself in the mirror just like you and show the best of himself to all his contacts. For those who, on the other hand, want to make sure there are no ghosts in the house, but cannot find Ghostbusters' contacts online, Ghost Detector comes into play. This is an indispensable tool that would indeed reveal otherworldly presences in a very simple way. Its reliability, however, is not established, so it is an application to be taken with caution.

Wellness App

Wellness App

And then there are the stranger wellness-conscious apps. Melon Meter for example is very useful when at the fruit and vegetable department you are undecided about the choice of watermelon or cantaloupe: the app tells you the quality. If, on the other hand, you love to brush your teeth carefully, you should know that Toothbrush Fitness allows you to train yourself in this operation by following very detailed instructions. On the other hand, for those who often forget to drink the famous two liters of water a day, there is Dayli Water that reminds you to do so and keeps track of the glasses of water you drink. Last but certainly not least are the apps PoopLog, Bower Mover, Poo Log. Their function? Keep up-to-date data on the frequency of your bowel regularity (yes, you got that right). Doesn't that sound very social? It is: think about the fact that you can also share the results with your friends. Who doesn't do that on a regular basis?

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