Why still make a fuss about Snapchat?

03/06/2017 | Digital


Why make stories on Snapchat when we can also make them on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger? Snapchat has revolutionized the language of communication by gaining acclaim and approval and has accompanied users to a new enjoyment of social networks.

No numbers and no public commentary but a story where the protagonist narrates and assembles moments of the day that will disappear after 24 hours. A fickle memory and the concept of Carpe Diem coming back current seasoned with fun, creativity and more for content capable of transforming the story of a day into a video.

An innovative format that wins over young people and beyond, a social that does not live by "social proof," a platform that shows identity at a specific time.

An authenticity that displaced Mark so much that he decided to create surrogates within the platforms he owned; the first "experiment" came with the advent of Stories on Instagram with a battle to overshadow the ghost. Within a few months, the Stories went everywhere.

But are we sure they respect the intent for which Snapchat stories were created? Each social works in a way, on Facebook there are friends, family and we give the "keys" to access our profile to those we know; in fact it is like a diary and its nature remains more intimate.

On Instagram there are different dynamics; we are in the ultimate photographic social, where even in stories the concept of real time is less influenced by gallery style and personal branding.

 Snapchat is by nature dedicated to short videos. By vocation it is spontaneous, fast, immediate. It was born for exchanging messages that self-destruct after opening and for stories of limited duration.

I engaged my friends on Snapchat to understand why they still use Snapchat to make stories. Snapchatters' comments and reflections underscore the authenticity of an instant and less "constructed" communication model that parallels typical offline communication behaviors.

"On Snapchat in making stories I feel a sense of freedom mixed with spontaneity, all the stories appear in chronological order of publication, without any algorithm. I select the stories I want to see, and once the playlist is ready I immerse myself in the stories."

Snapchat is the quintessential place for "Serendipity." One of the recurring messages is about the importance of relationships.

Theinteraction that is created is direct, from a one-to-one conversation to a private conversation. The sense of immediacy and spontaneity is supported by nice facial filters. Time spent on this social becomes an opportunity to listen to interesting stories, learn something new, and discuss a variety of topics.

The community is nurtured by mentions and conversations so much so that the lack of an internal search does not seem to drive away those who are fond of the ghost. In addition, the video element ensures greater closeness in human relationships, creating the feeling of knowing each other live.

Many snapchatters have pointed out how the lack of public numbers gives a sense of freedom by avoiding judgments and conditioning dictated by appearing rather than being.

Although it is a social that focuses on real-time sharing, the filters allow users to create a creative story by avoiding editing and inserting nice filters to be discovered every day. The latest innovation introduced are 3D lenses in augmented reality.

Content that will disappear but first and foremost are stories, Snapchat in fact, is a training ground for training in video production, as well as being the native social for this type of experience. An innovative format that has built user loyalty with its signature authenticity.

"Mark will never get my stories, it is scattered, there are too many functions now!" This is the recurring message of many friends who responded to my question.

Facebook and Instagram we are used to seeing them as places for writing and photography, they are social showcases where we package content so that it can be appreciated by those who follow us with hearts, likes and reactions. In fact, Facebook gathers "real" friends from offline life to whom we do not feel the need to tell the day. We often prefer to hide everyday moments from them that we gladly share on Snapchat instead.

For these reasons but mainly because we believe in the power of storytelling through Snapchat stories, we decided to open the official Snapchat profile of the event. 

The Snapchat Team will chronicle the run-up to the event with trivia about the 2017 edition, news from the digital world on @smdayit_didays.

We look forward to seeing you on Snapchat and at the workshop to be held on Oct. 19 from 6:30 to 9 p.m.: "Snapchat for Business: the Social Media Revolution Passes Here / Snapchat Workshop & Snapchat Aperitif." 

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Rosaria Pantone


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