The Fool and Audiense: how to know your target audience from community exploration - the case of true crime lovers podcasts

07/11/2023 | DIDAYS2023


We know: podcasts are no longer mere trends, but well-established formats of information and entertainment.
The data tell it (Source: GWI - Global Web Index): 16% of Italians say they have listened to a podcast in the last week (5.25 million people) and 62% of this community devotes at least 30 minutes a day to listening to them.

In the top 10 most listened to genres is true crime, a genre on which we decided to focus our speech at Digital Innovation Days 2023-and which Spotify itself confirms is particularly in vogue among GenZ (Source: Spotify Culture Next Report 2023).
In recent years, true crime has established itself as a cult product, landing on all major audio platforms.

We know all about the various podcasters and storytellers, from Elisa True Crime to Don't Open That Podcast, from Investigations to Urban Demons, but what do we know about the communities that follow these formats that have gone viral?

Who are the listeners of true crime podcasts? What are they passionate about? What brands are they related to? How can we reach and engage them?

The Fool 's experience combined with Audiense 's technology makes it possible to answer these very questions.

Indeed, thanks to Meta Audience Insights by Audiense, it is possible to analyze communities in detail: to understand your target audience and any sub-targets by tracking their sociodemographic characteristics, interests and media diet. It then becomes possible to explore the power of "Human Conn@ctions" in the digital age with the aim of being more proactive in reaching and activating any high-growth targets.

Knowledge rooted in Meta data (Instagram and Facebook), powered by 2.7 billion users on a monthly basis.
With the help of Audiense, it is therefore possible to analyze aggregated, anonymized and compliant data.

We did this exercise with the community of true crime podcast listeners, discovering that within it there are different sub-targets, driven to listening to this genre by different motivations among themselves. For each sub-target, we then delved into the interests, attitudes and need for enjoyment, coming up with the exact targeting options for the corresponding Meta audience.

Audiense thus offers the ability to:
- discover the full picture of the groups of people you are interested in through their digital activity and interactions;
- map the main lifestyle profile of any audience, in what geographic area there are opportunities and what different target audiences make up that audience;
- decipher passions, interests, brand affinities, media relationships and even social concerns of your target audience, just from Meta's probabilistic models;
- observe the language used by your target audience to find out who they really are and what they care about.

So if you want to find out who is behind true crime podcast enthusiasts or want to optimize your ability to reach the right target audience, download the speech document at the following link.


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