The Qonto Way: creating value by challenging one's intuitions

04/11/2021 | Innovation


The secret of scaleup success

Is there a strategic method to successfully achieve your business goals and create a solid, scalable and sustainable growth trend? 

According to Qonto, the secret is "The Qonto Way," which is to create the perfect conditions to be able to think and learn constantly, turning problems into learning opportunities to continue to grow.

The financial solution that all businesses love

Founded by Alexandre Prot and Steve Anavi in 2016 and now Europe's leading scaleup in Business Finance Management, with 200,000 business clients, 22 billion euros transacted in 2020, and operating offices in France, Italy, Spain, and Germany, Qonto serves businesses as an alternative business partner to traditional banks and offers SMEs and professionals additional and complementary tools to simplify financial and accounting operations.

The mission is to "create the financial solution that all businesses love," and in an industry as fast-paced and dynamic as B2B fintech, competition is high. 

Execution made the difference 

To grow fast and continue to produce value in such a crowded ecosystem, Qonto is inspired by the Toyota Production System, the model that revolutionized the automobile industry in the 20th century, whose watchwords are twofold: speed of execution and quality. 

"A mantra that guides us every day and becomes a framework based on our founding values and the principle of continuous improvement, within which we design our strategy to achieve our corporate mission: to create the most loved all-in-one Business Finance Management solution for all businesses," said Mariano Spalletti, Country Manager of Qonto Italy.

People first

For Qonto, the essential prerequisite to achieving the company's mission is first and foremost the ability to enable teams to learn something new every day.

This means advocating teamwork at the expense of silos, promoting critical thinking over routine, putting customers first and not processes. 

It means building and investing in a business model whose pivot is precisely the development of people.

The Qonto Way

Constantly challenging one's own insights to continue creating value: this is "The Qonto Way," Qonto's business strategy, whose basic principle is to create the conditions for everyone to think and thus learn, every day.

The Qonto Way means believing in what we do and above all understanding the motives and strategy behind our actions (our tasks!). This is the condition for turning problems into learning opportunities, and this is the prerequisite for making every milestone, whether a failure or a goal achieved, a key piece of professional growth - one's own and that of the company of which we are a part.

If you want to learn more about The Qonto Way and Qonto's method of becoming the financial solution all businesses love, don't miss the meeting, Saturday, Nov. 13 at 2:30 p.m.


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