An app for ordering sandwiches at recess: innovation is born among school desks

03/07/2017 | Digital, Innovation


After Turin, we continue our journey to discover innovation that is born on the ground. We stay in Piedmont and move to Cuneo, Italy, to meet Matteo Sipione.

A student at Cuneo High School of Applied Sciences, at only 20 years old he has already invented his first app. It is called "FoodBay" and allows students to book a snack from the sandwich shop directly from their cell phones.


"The idea came to me while running up the stairs to buy a sandwich," Marco says, "It took three weeks to develop the Application in Java. At the moment, the app is downloadable for free only for Android, but from September the version for iOS devices will also be available."

Operation is simple: just download the app from the Google store and register with your gmail account. The app provides two distinct areas: one for students and one for the sandwich maker. On the one hand, students can reserve their snack (each reservation is assigned an order number) and see the exact cost of what they reserved; on the other hand, the sandwich maker can set aside orders. Each user, then, can customize the app by choosing from different themes.

The app, at the moment, is used in two educational institutions but is accessible to any school. A simple idea that opens new channels for innovation among school desks, even in Italy, where digital literacy is finding the tools to spread.

You can download the "FoodBay" application for free on

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