Whatsapp Business: the future of business communication

03/01/2018 | Digital


Since its creation in 2009, we can definitely say that Whatsapp has come a long way. Owned by Facebook since 2014, with more than 1.3 billion monthly active users worldwide, the most popular and widely used messaging chat is also preparing to become the fastest means of communication between businesses and customers. In fact, just over a week ago Whatsapp Business was born, the new app that allows businesses to manage their relationship with customers through a chat similar to the "normal" version of Whatsapp. Of course, there are numerous additional features that facilitate this contact: in this article we will analyze them in detail.

How do you install Whatsapp Business?

Let's start with the basics: at the moment, the Whatsapp Business application is only available for Android. You can also, as with the classic version of Whatsapp, download its Web version, to manage chats through your computer as well as from your smartphone. 

During installation it is necessary to associate a phone number with the business profile, which, unlike classic Whatsapp accounts, can be either a cell phone number or a landline number. Both Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business can be installed on the same smartphone. Be careful, however: each app must be associated with a different number.

The company profile

Once the app is installed on the smartphone, we move on to the next step, which is to set up one's business profile. Through filling in a set of useful information (name, business description, address, email and website), the account will be completed and ready to be easily viewed by the user accessing the searched business profile. In addition, each profile will be able to feature an image, inserted as the business profile image. 

As with business profiles on Facebook, ascertained through the famous blue checkmark, business profiles on Whatsapp will also be able to have an official presence on the platform through a verified profile identified as a business account. As stated in the note posted on Whatsapp's corporate blog, "over time, businesses for which it has been confirmed that their business account phone number actually matches the business number will have a confirmed account."

The exclusive functions of Whatsapp Business

There are basically two key functions that identify Whatsapp Business, in addition to the aforementioned ability to create a business profile and thus show key information about one's business. The two functions are:

  • Whatsapp Business as a smart messaging tool: Whatsapp Business will allow businesses to communicate directly with customers, setting up welcome or absence messages in case one is not available to chat, but also quick answers to customers' frequently asked questions, such as specific details about operating hours or the availability of a specific item for sale. 
  • Whatsapp Business as a statistical monitoring tool: Whatsapp Business will allow companies to keep track of statistics regarding messages sent in order to identify the most effective strategies for future communication.

What does that change for customers?

Absolutely nothing: customers will not have to download a new version of the app, but will be able to continue using the usual version of Whatsapp to interact with businesses as well. The idea is to make the relationship between customer and small business even more spontaneous and personal through Whatsapp, which is the absolute most direct medium in the world right now that users use for their private conversations. And as with private chats, even with Business accounts the customer will be able to block a business profile or report it as spam, in case of too aggressive advertising.

The Future of Whatsapp Business

For now Whatsapp Business is available only in 5 countries: in fact, in addition to Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Indonesia can download the new app, and only, as we have already mentioned, for Android. In a few weeks the app is expected to be launched for Iphone and other countries as well. 

But there are those who look even further ahead, hypothesizing in the not even too distant future the creation of a "freemium" model of Whatsapp Business: a paid application that would allow for additional functions beyond those already included in the basic package. And, why not, even the possibility of including a possible payment system that could allow customers to make purchases directly through the app. An innovation that could bring not a few gains to Whatsapp's (and therefore Facebook's) coffers. The potential is numerous, we just have to wait to see what Whatsapp Business can become. In the meantime, let's enjoy the ability to communicate directly with our trusted businesses.


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