Sara Michelle Delpiano


Innovation Manager hub

Job Title

Senior Community Manager


I specialize in communication processes, design and development of hybrid service platforms and key account management. In addition to corporate professional training, over the past few years I have trained and certified ACTP - ICF as a mental/team coach and trainer specializing in personal growth and soft skills development(from 2017 to present).
Since 2021 I have focused on the issues of Innovation in business and organizational contexts as the project manager of Innovation Manager Hub (Italy), the community and ecosystem that unites stakeholders governing innovation in Italy in the world of corporations and universities.
I am Co-founder and creator of the CordadaL+C(Leadership + Climbing/Coaching) project, which aimed to design and implement training courses based on the sport of climbing. Through this project, I have conducted coaching projects for leaders and team building for several companies such as Rumbo Group, Kiabi, DHL Iberia, and Sales Innovation School (Madrid.2018-2020).


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