Aryel: Augmented Reality Marketing campaigns in just a few clicks

04/10/2022 | Digital, Innovation


Augmented Reality Marketing ( AR Marketing) is a key resource for business professionals who want to stand out from the competition. Today, thanks to Aryel everyone can create Augmented Reality experiences in just a few clicks.
Augmented Reality is a technology that is revolutionizing the world of marketing .

It represents a new way in which brands interact with consumers and potential customers. There are already many big players in the market who are integrating this technology into their marketing mix: Chanel and Burger King, to name the most famous.

But how can creative agencies, SMEs, freelancers, and start-ups-who could benefit enormously-find the budget to invest in a technology that until now has always required large resources to implement? Easy, with Aryel!

Aryel: AR experiences in a few clicks

Aryel is an AR Marketing tool that allows even those without a large budget or IT skills to develop an augmented reality experience in just a few clicks . One can then share the experience via a simple link, and measure the ROAS of one's off- and online marketing activities. In addition, Aryel works with a WebAR technology: in practice, experiences can be shared-as mentioned-via a link and experienced, user-side, directly in the smartphone browser without having to download (and thus develop upstream) any app.

Aryel's Always-On AR Approach.

From a marketing and sales perspective, AR brings countless benefits in terms of innovation, brand awareness, and engagement, thanks to an approach referred to as AONAR, Always-On AR.
In fact, Augmented Reality is increasingly becoming a continuity tool in digital marketing, as it has in the past with social media marketing and email marketing. Thanks to Aryel's approach and WebAR, which requires only a link to share off- and online experiences, agencies and marketers can now disseminate content that converts, throughout all stages of the funnel, thanks to the incredible versatility of WebAR technology.

Let's take a few examples. In an awareness phase, we might add a QR code to our packaging, landing the user on an augmented reality experience that tells about the product in an interactive way. While, in a consideration phase, we could place a CTA on our eCommerce product page that lands on an AR product viewing experience, increasing conversion rates, thanks to Try-before-you-Buy. We could add AR experiences in all touchpoints of the customer experience, making it memorable. For example, in newsletters, editorial calendar, and on all sales materials.

AR Marketing: the potential for marketers

Integrating Augmented Reality into one's marketing mix allows brands to stand out from the competition while adding value to their audience. 

The interactive aspect of WebAR campaigns is also not to be underestimated: in fact, increasing engagement also improves conversion rates. Impressive, in this regard, are the statistics: the conversion rate on AR marketing campaigns is 35 percent higher than on traditional ones, while the user interaction rate also reaches up to 20 percent, with an average experience duration of about 2 minutes.

By proposing interactive activities, AR marketing campaigns are a completely innovative way to do omnichannel lead generation . Moreover, by obtaining information and data from offline campaigns as well, Augmented Reality allows targeted retargeting operations, not only based on their online habits, finally closing the circle between virtual and real world .

Indeed, Aryel provides reports and insights about users' online habits. Through AR campaigns, it is easy to understand users' behavior as they interact with experiences: from demographics to the device they use to their location, Augmented Reality offers valuable information to brands about their target audience and its consumption habits.

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