How to build a truly integrated, people-connected customer journey

02/11/2021 | Digital


Inspire More, the positioning of Libera Brand Building Group

It is a commitment we have decided to make with our Clients; that is, to commit ourselves every day to bring value to the market by building, together with Companies, effective and differentiating communication strategies by animating our commitment with humility, courage and tireless curiosity. 

Our vision is to create communication ecosystems that can implement brand value through a journey that is increasingly connected to people,

The omnichannel

And in the time of omnichanneling to do so, it is increasingly important to link the various communication activities by building strategies based on technology and the insights it can give us, with the goal of providing integrated user experiences, both offline and online.

Most users, in fact, consider digital as a key element within a customer journey. An increasing number of users decide to buy a product in store or online only after selecting it on social networks and comparing on marketplaces, Amazon in the lead.

Bebit, the digital agency of Libera Brand Building Grou

In this regard, the suggestion of Bebit, the digital agency of Libera Brand Building Group, is to take into account from the outset the so-called "social commerce" that will play a role in facilitating the user's purchase process: the promise is to go, through a single fluid and continuous experience, from the single post published on the brand's social channels up to the step of accepting the order in the post-payment, possibly without leaving the starting platform (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok...) The potential offered by social commerce clashes, of course, with the actual reality of the features offered by social platforms: for now, in many countries, the purchase phase is concretely carried out outside the starting social channel (i.e. within a more traditional e-commerce site). However, the way is already mapped out and tested in many countries and on different channels: buying directly on social is a reality or will be in a very short time, and as with everything, with the right strategy and timing, you can really make a difference.


With Inthezon, the Amazon Consulting company of Libera Brand Building Group, we have experienced the evolutionary journey of Amazon, which has gradually transformed from an online shopping platform into a very powerful search engine. 

Amazon, in fact, is not only a price-oriented sales channel but also a place where consumers have the opportunity to come into contact with new brands and products, changing their consumption habits and preferences. And as such it should be manned.

Offline and digital touchpoints

In light of all this, we can say that offline and digital touchpoints, including e-commerce itself, are no longer different worlds with different targets but part of a single customer journey, and it is therefore very important to define a relevant presidium strategy for of all channels of brand-user interaction. 

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