Digital Innovation Days 2023: HUMAN CONN@CTIONS wins.

03/11/2023 | Press


At Digital Innovation Days 2023, the HUMAN CONN@CTIONS won. Three intense days where guests and key players from the world of innovation and digital worked in synergy discussing the future

Great success for Didays 2023. Three days of pure energy in which professionals, experts, companies and industry leaders were able to meet, build connections and share experiences and open a window to the future. This year's edition celebrated in a special way the power of human synergies and connections in the digital age by bringing " HUMAN CONN@CTIONS" as the central theme "on stage."

MIlano October 31, 2023. A wave of energy pervaded Digital innovation Days thanks to the thousands of people who again this year chose to be present at the annual event dedicated to innovation and digital, now in its fifth edition held on October 25, 26 and 27 at the Talent Garden in Via Calabiana 6 and which ended on an extremely positive note:

More than 2,500 participants gained access to an offering consisting of:

More than 50 hours of content including speeches, talks and workshops

More than 35 hours of live streaming;

170 speakers and 20 moderators took turns on the main stage and in the panel rooms.

"We are extremely happy and satisfied to be able to say that the balance of the fifth edition of Digital Innovation Days is more positive than ever," say Giulio and Nicola Nicoletti, organizers of the event. "In addition to the great participation of which we are particularly proud, we are proud to have built a format and a network of connections that every year are enriched, grown and strengthened, pushing us to do better and better."

This year's Didays speeches, workshops, and panels stood out for the richness and care of the content, but the real added value was the HUMAN CONN@CTIONS:

"A fifth edition that left its mark and enriched us from so many points of view," comments Stefano Saladino Head of Content Strategy of the event. "Beyond the vanity metrics related to the numbers, the consistency and added value of Didays lies in the active participation and the beautiful interaction among the participants and between them and the speakers.

A team effort that of Didays possible thanks to an extended team made up of many of people with different skills each with their own experience. These synergies are the essence of the event and the content we wanted to convey. Speaking of the near future and digital, my hope is that there will be more and more awareness and willingness of people to know so that technology will augment us without overwhelming us.

And finally, Didays does not open and close in this three-day event. The closest appointment is a month from now with the podcast 'The Innovators' produced together with podcastory that will investigate the topics of innovation and its surroundings, and I hope that on the path between now and the next Digital Innovation Days we will have a chance to meet again at other stops along the way and that the event can be a moment of synthesis and relaunch of a year of intense work."

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