Digital Innovation Days, influencers and professionals for the future of technology

24/10/2023 | Press


From tomorrow through Oct. 27, we are questioning the present and future of digital technology with hundreds of appointments dedicated to knowledge, insight and Human Conn@ctions

In search of a Compass

At a time in history when we are called upon to reflect on the merits, flaws and implications, including ethical and philosophical ones of the use of social or technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, we need a compass. Human Conn@ctions is the title that encapsulates the three days of the fifth edition of Digital Innovation Days, an event that from tomorrow to Oct. 27 will plumb the world of digital through the interventions of professionals, experts, influencers and industry leaders in hundreds of appointments, workshops and insights.

The event organized by Giulio and Nicola Nicoletti - founders of @24 Pre Events - is at the Talent Garden in Via Calabiana 6. The concept of Human Conn@ctions refers precisely to human connections in the digital age, which must remain a priority, even to understand the present and future of technological innovation.

Digital Innovation Days, the future of technology at Talent Garden

It starts on Wednesday 25 with the "inspirational day": Stefano Saladino (Head of Content Strategy at Digital Innovation Days) will moderate meetings with "visionaries" and "innovators," such as philosopher Paolo Ercolani, Nicola Neri of Ipsos, Oscar Farinetti (founder of Eataly) and several others.

Also on the first day, there will be talks on three different focuses: DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion), a series of insights on how the application of inclusive and ethical principles can lead to better results, greater creativity and innovation in business; Gaming and Metaverse; and "AAA Capital Wanted for Startups and SMEs." Two main topics will be addressed on the morning of Thursday 26: social media and E-commerce and "emerging tech," or technologies that look toward the future, including in areas such as health and medicine.

In the afternoon there will be space for meetings on the world of work and education. On the other hand, the third and final day (Friday 27) will be dedicated to web & content marketing and influencer marketing.

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