Factanza: the addictive information...to more than 500 thousand followers.

30/09/2022 | In-formation


Making information "cool" and accessible to everyone. This is the goal of Factanza, the 2019 Instagram page founded by Bianca Arrighini and Livia Viganò, 24, graduates in Business Administration and Management at Bocconi University, which aims to be a space where people can be informed and understand what is happening in the world without too many technicalities. From an Instagram page, it became an innovative startup in September 2020 following its inclusion in the acceleration program of Primo Ventures (formerly Primomiglio).

"News that is not made appealing is not effective," is the statement of Livia Viganò, who believes in the need to give young people simple information with appealing formats. For Bianca Arrighini, they must also be appealing aesthetically. Her is the inviting graphic imprint that reaches almost 200,000 followers every day.

Factanza differs from other news pages because it does not favor the "breaking news," but tells about phenomena or aspects that affect our lives, including from a psychological and mental point of view. The topics include civil rights, discrimination of all kinds, and everything that affects the younger generation

"Understanding the Present," is a guide to the complexity that surrounds us. Published by Gribaudo, Factanza's goal with this most recent book is to open, chapter by chapter, the reader's gaze to the complexity of the present, implanting the seed of curiosity and conveying passion for knowledge, with an accessible but not simplistic approach to the treatment of issues fundamental to understanding who we were, who we are, and where we might go. In the Social Media room at Digital Innovation Days, Bianca Arrighini and Livia Viganò will tell how to change the world...one post after another!

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