Opyn Pay Later: the Buy Now Pay Later for B2B.

09/10/2023 | DIDAYS2023, Digital


In an increasingly uncertain and complex economic environment, companies need more support to stimulate their growth. Among the financial tools available, one of the most promising is the Buy Now Pay Later designed for B2B companies, which then sell to other companies.
This is a great opportunity to increase their business volumes and make administrative processes more efficient.

OPYN, which has stood by businesses for more than 10 years, has developed a flexible payment solution to support them in their B2B transactions: Opyn Pay Later.
It is an end-to-end service that follows the merchant from credit analysis to credit recovery and can be used to offer its business customers installment or deferred payments in a safe and smart way.
It enables the merchant to maximize and simplify sales, improve cash flow, and reduce administrative costs.
At the same time, it offers the buyer an innovative, digital and 100 percent flexible payment service, with the ability to agree with the supplier on the perfect installment plan for their needs.

All this with the security offered by Opyn 's experience in analyzing the creditworthiness of businesses, which enables it to offer the merchant an assessment of the buyer's financial reliability in a matter of seconds.
This is possible thanks to Opyn's proprietary technology based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which through the collection of thousands of data allows for the assessment of other parameters in addition to simple financial status, such as the status of collections from customers and payments from suppliers.

This allows for a net decrease in outstanding payments, one of the main benefits of Opyn Pay Later, which is particularly valuable when you want to defer payment to a new customer with whom you do not have a prior relationship of trust.

If you would like to find out more about Opyn Pay Later come visit us at Digital Innovation Days.
We will be a Technical Sponsor of this highly anticipated event to talk with industry players about digitization and innovation, bringing our experience as experts in technology applied to the financial world.



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