Road to Digital Innovation Days 2023. HUMAN CONN@CTIONS at the center of the event dedicated to innovation and digital.

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Milan, 2.10.23 - An exclusive moment of insight, discussion and networking was held on Thursday, September 28 at Casa Xiaomi in Milan for the official presentation of the fifth edition of Digital Innovation Days, the event, organized by 24pr&event with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan, dedicated to innovation and digital, and scheduled from October 25 to 27, 2023 at the Talent Garden in Via Calabiana 6.

An afternoon of dialogue and discussion among organizers, experts, practitioners, partners, and sponsors who opened the discussion and shared their experience on the central theme of HUMAN CONN@CTIONS, investigating the role of human relationships in the digital age.


Stefano Saladino, Head of Content Strategy of the event, held the lines, explaining to the audience the "journey" to the Digital Innovation Days, a journey that begins with knowledge and exploration of the place, and then investigates its 'inhabitants,' the people therefore, and their relationships:
"We have been working - stated Stefano Saladino - to deliver the event a new identity, conceiving it as an observatory of changes in the innovation and digital sectors.
The task of Digital Innovation Days thus becomes intercepting the movements of innovation, organizing initiatives in which these are told, and offering the market opportunities to grow and evolve. With this new identity, DIDAYS transcends the boundaries of the event, now in its fifth edition, and aims to consolidate itself as a hub-experimental and innovative-participatory community. A 'non-place' located in the middle ground between 'transversal knowledge and vertical knowledge,' a space of transversality of knowledge, solicitation and sharing among people, in a community that becomes true community where knowledge is common territory."

Proceeding in the logic of the journey, after outlining the identity profiles of Digital Innovation Days, the focus shifts to the inhabitants of the 'places,' i.e., the people, through the analyses of two major industry researches.

The Ipsos study was conducted in 31 countries including Italy, with more than 22 thousand adults surveyed on the topic of artificial intelligence, with the goal of understanding people's feelings aboutAI and their expectations with respect to the impact this technological advancement may have in their lives, daily above all:

"The knowledge of AI - anticipates Silvia Andreani, Client Officer and Head of the Metaverse Observatory at Ipsos. - does not automatically imply knowledge of its practical applications: only 1 in 2 consumers know in which tools the technology is applied while 2/3 of respondents know what AI is. With respect to the emotions that AI arouses in people, the sample of respondents is exactly split down the middle: there is a lot of anxiety and concern about this technological innovation, but also a lot of desire to learn more about it.
Italy is definitely fascinated by AI, but there is no shortage of fear toward the novelty. With respect to the world of work, Italians are not afraid of losing their jobs, but they are aware that something will inevitably change."

"From the initial evidence of our study - then explains Daniele Chieffi - Co-Founder Bi Wise, journalist and university lecturer for IUVSE - it emerges how we need to overcome the generalist approach by generations: it is necessary to 'get inside' each individual generation to identify its characteristics. A scientific and professional approach is needed to make sense of the generational concept. The numbers debunk established clichés and narratives based on a precisely generalist approach on generations: more than 50 percent of the sample watches television and not streaming platforms, but generalist.

GenZ report accessing FB on a regular basis but its use is highly segmented by age, less so in their teens, much more so in their 30s.
What does genZ want from brands? It asks for irony and irreverence, simplicity, everydayness, sharing, sustainability and social impact. The 5 the brands that gather 40 percent of preferences are Apple, Nike, Durex, Coca Cola and Gucci."

Also speaking at the event were. Danilo Broggi, president of the Center for Enterprise Culture, who discussed 'innovation' and change, and Giuseppe Mayer, CEO @Antifragile, entrepreneur, manager and investor, who continued the insights by exploring the concept of Human Conn@ction, the centrality of the person and human connections.


Finally, to close the evening, Nicola Nicoletti, COO of Digital Innovation Days, who explained how the three days in Milan from October 25-27 will unfold, presenting the Inspirational Room, the Panel Room and the 2 thematic rooms dedicated to Digital and Innovation, their 8 vertical focuses, and several workshops.

On the first day, visionaries and innovators will share their inspirational speeches their perspective of the present, illustrating models of innovation and ideas for the future that cut across every market sector.

Speakers who will inspire onlookers include: Paolo Ercolani, Philosopher and Lecturer @ University of Urbino "Carlo Bo", Pegah Moshir Pour, Consultant and Activist for Human and Digital Rights @ EY Foundation, Oscar Farinetti Italian entrepreneur, business executive and writer founder of among others the Eataly chain, Carlo Negri, Senior Researcher @ Osservatorio Artificial Intelligence - Politecnico di Milano, Erik J. Larson American writer, tech entrepreneur, computer scientist @ KBSI Knowledge Based Systems, Inc, Alberto Robiati Director @ Forwardto - Studies and expertise for future scenarios, Nicoletta Boldrini Futures Literacy Advocate | Journalist and popularizer @ Tech4Future, Tommaso Boralevi Presidet @ Federated Innovation @MIND, Giuseppe Mayer CEO @Antifragile, Camilla Rossi Business Development Manager @, Andrea Moccia Founder and Editorial Director @Geopop, Andrea Crocioni Editor-in-Chief of Touchpoint @ Oltre La Media Group.

Parallel to the speeches, starting in the late morning, three thematic focuses.
The first is dedicated to the themes
DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion), an in-depth look at how the application of inclusive and ethical principles can lead to better results, greater creativity and innovation in business.
The other two focuses will be on.
Metaverse Gamification and Crowdfunding for Startups and SMEs, booming sectors that enable them to address new market challenges through creativity and engagement at various levels.

Starting on the second day, then, two in-depth tracks on the world of Digital marketing and of'Innovation., with speeches and workshops dedicated to the two universes and their verticals on the key industries of the moment: Social Media, Web and Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing e E-commerce in the Digital Room, and. Emerging Tech, Job & Learning, Sustainability and Retail in Innovation Hall.

I workshops, organized with the support of Trustpilot, Notomia, 7Hipe, Qonto, Divergens,, and Doctorcopy, will focus on marketing automation, email marketing with AI, brand reputation, creative communication, and artificial intelligence.

Among the national and international professionals, who will take turns on stage, sharing successful experiences, best practices, case studies with the audience in the room
Laura Huang, Associate Professor Harvard Business School; Silvia Zanella, Author and manager - Linkedin Top Voice Work; Bianca del Balzo, Social Marketing Manager Niccolò Bencini, CEO & Co-founder @Barberino's, Ilan Misano CEO, X-Applied. Former Manager of Sturtup Growth Lab, Google Israel's Startup Accelerator @ X-Apllied, ex-Google, Enrico Bertino Chief AI Officer and Co-founder, Laura De Lorenzis Senior Parnership Manager, Italy & GEM @ Trustpilot, Giulia Marzetti Founder @ Italian Sustainability; Expert @ European Commision.

Inspirational speeches, panels, and focuses will be interspersed with business meetings, networking and convivial moments, with a common thread of exploring the world of innovation, understood as the sum of individual skills, abilities and connections with other community members. 

moderators of the thematic rooms are some of the key-leaders of the Italian innovation sector, among the most influential experts and professionals in the different verticals: Luca La Mesa Founder & Social Media Strategist @ Social & Impact, Antonio Ragusa, Co-founder & CEO of Retail Hub; Marianna Chillau, CEO & Founder of Marlene Live & Transactionable; Luca La Mesa, Founder & Social Media Strategist Social & Impact; Francesco G. Lamacchia, CEO of Dot Academy; Sara Michelle Delpiano, Senior Community Manager @Innovation Manager Hub.; Francesca Petrella, Communication Manager and D&I Ambassador at IPSOS; Matteo Pogliani, Founder of Onim (National Influencer Marketing Observatory); Gaetano Romeo, COO Bruce Clay Europe; Alessio Crisantemi, editor of and EsportsMag; and Anna Forciniti, Impact-based Innovation & Sustainability Maker, Founder @Evidentia SB Ltd.

Digital Innovation Days 2023 is sponsored by the
City of Milan and supported by. (Main sponsor), Trustpilot and Ipsos (Premium Sponsor), RDS (Main Media Partner), and numerous sponsors, media partners.

For more information and to register for the event, visit the official Digital Innovation Days website at


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