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Interview with Romolo De Stefano, president of the Ateneo Impresa Foundation

Good morning Romulus,

we have started a partnership between DIDAYS and the Ateneo Impresa Foundation with pleasure, tell us something about your initiatives? In particular, what is The Future School?

The Future School is an advanced education project consisting of "vertical" Higher Education Schools geared toward the Professions of the Future: the first, The Blockchain Management School, has already started with great success, The Artificial Intelligence School will soon follow, and others focused on strategic digital megatrends are about to start.

By whom was the project "The Future School" promoted?

From the Ateneo Impresa Foundation, a body that works to foster the growth and development of the individual and young talents and involves in the Honor and Scientific Committees distinguished personalities from economics, business, culture, science and institutions, in collaboration with Officina Visionaria, The Business Factory.

Ateneo Impresa has an important history. Any data?

Ateneo Impresa was founded in 1990 and is positioned as one of the most qualified Italian business schools, among the leaders in training for emerging professions and a point of reference for postgraduate higher management training: 32 institutional sponsorships, 182 communication projects, more than 200 trainers and testimonials, about 10,000 alumni, now managers, professionals and entrepreneurs, 77,300 applications for courses and master's degrees, more than 115,000 hours of training, about €3,500,000 in scholarships disbursed, more than 750 partner companies. As for placement, for example of master's courses, it has historically been between 80 percent and 90 percent within six months of course completion.

What are the goals of The Future School?

Covering a strategic gap: training professionals and managers in high demand in the market. Today companies need new technical and management figures that are essential to preside over the "digital transformation "and govern the impact of new technologies: blockchain specialist, blockchain manager, data scientist, big data analyst, IoT specialist, chief digital officer, social media specialist, digital marketer, growth hacker, cyber security manager ...

Do these kinds of specializations create viable employment outlets? What opportunities can be reported?

We have made a strategic choice upstream: only quality advanced training pathways that generate specialized figures in the wake of major Megatrends. There are thousands of unmet demands already today and many more will be in the next decade if new professionals are not trained. Great then are the opportunities for job outlets, with highly sought-after and well-paid roles.

To whom is it addressed?

To young people who want to embark on a path of high specialization to build a credible and positioning career project, to managers who want to acquire the innovative skills to foster the competitiveness of the company they work for, to entrepreneurs who want to evolve and develop the business of their enterprise

Tell us about The Blockchain Management School? How is it organized?

Each School has a precise identity and mission: no "allology" but only "vertical" content capable of transferring management methods and application techniques that are fundamental for operating as key players in the labor market. For example, The Blockchain Management School, promoted in collaboration with Blockchain Core, is the first Management Training School in Italy exclusively dedicated to the different potentialities and applications of the most disruptive and revolutionary technology since the Internet. We have the good fortune and pleasure to have with us among the most representative experts such as, for example, Gian Luca Comandini, Mise expert who is also the Director of the Master, Laura Cappello, Tech Lawer Scientific Director of the School, Massimo Chiriatti from IBM, co-extender of the Blockchain Manifesto Italia, Federico Tenga, among the founders of Chainside, Giorgio Mazzoli, co-founder ASSOB.it, Francesco Redaelli, co-founder CryptoCoinference

What types of courses do you offer?

Courses are designed to meet different needs: Master Lab in a weekend formula, compatible with study and work commitments; Boot Camps, intensive "training tracks" on targeted skills; Specialized Workshops with focus on vertical issues; Conference Days, "appointments with the future": experiences, trends, news.

We know that the first edition of the Master Lab in Blockchain Technology & Management recently ended, and the second edition is kicking off right now. How is it progressing?

Very good! The student satisfaction index of the first edition was 93 percent, which confirms that combining professionalism and passion always produces the best results. The second edition is fully booked and the third, scheduled to start in early February, is being formed very quickly given the high demand.

Do you reserve special facilities for those who wish to participate? Are there any scholarships?

As many as 16 Scholarships have been made available by partner companies and more will certainly be added soon. This will promote the possibility of attendance for those who want to specialize in a professional field with a very high growth rate. All the facilities are explained on the websites www.theblockchainmanagementschool.it and www.ateneoimpresa.it but given the very high demand it is very likely that they will be awarded quickly.

Why did you decide to enter into a partnership with Digital Innovation Days?

Because Digital Innovation Days is now the benchmark event in Digital, dealing with prestigious guests, outstanding testimonials and successful case histories on the most innovative topics, often anticipating the mega trends that are already revolutionizing the business world.

What might be the prospects of this collaboration?

I believe that the partnership can only grow, sharing our respective experiences and integrating our historical educational competencies, today oriented to the emergence of a new generation of professionals and managers in the field of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Innovation, with the exceptional dissemination skills that characterize the event. In addition, the charisma and passionate dedication of CEO Eleonora Rocca, are a guarantee of the quality and value of the project.

What are the upcoming "appointments with the future"?

Oct. 11, Nov. 8 and Dec. 6 , at our headquarters in Villa Federlazio, Rome, open doors to learn more about the 3rd edition of the Master Lab in Blockchain Technology & Management.

Thanks to Romolo De Stefano, congratulations and ... good luck with your business!


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