DIDAYSTalks-the format of Digital Innovation Days in its Design Week edition chronicles the transformation of design through sustainable technology.

02/05/2023 | DIDAYSTalks


Milan, May 2, 2023

"Good first" for DIDAYSTalks, the format of Digital Innovation Days, which brought together excellences from Milan and beyond in the setting of Milan Design Week within Isola Design Festival, with the aim of telling the story of the relationship between design and the disciplines that define developments in contemporary society and economy. 

The initiative, promoted with the contribution of Regione Lombardia and produced in collaboration with Isola Design Festival, brought together creativity, innovation and technology in the heart of the Isola District to shape conscious comparisons, stimulate reflections and activate strategic actions.

Professionals, innovators and experts formed the rich schedule of DIDAYSTalks, days of dialogue and active discussion geared toward thematic insights about development trends, the search for solutions in response to today's challenges, and the transformation of design through sustainable technology.

Design is to Milan as carnival is to Rio: the active participation of companies and professionals in the initiative encouraged a sharing with the public of news, case studies, research and innovative solutions to the challenges of the present. Talking about the developments and frontiers of the discipline thus becomes a key element in the recipe for the future, in which all sectors aimed at innovation are engaged, with an eye toward sustainability.

"To be innovative today, one cannot but be sustainable" (quoting Ernesto Sirolli during one of the annual Digital Innovation Days events): and sustainability was the fil-rouge of all the talks that took place in the district. From food design as an application of new technologies in the agrifood supply chain to inclusiveness, thanks to the panel held at TAG Isola passing through an in-depth study on renewable energy with the contribution of Coima and Porta Nuova; from the use of new materials applied to design to reflections on sustainable mobility that must be one of the fundamental elements for the definition of "smart city" with the intervention of the Councillor for Mobility of the Municipality of Milan Arianna Censi.

Thinking outside the box to encounter new perspectives so as to find different stimuli that lead to innovative problem-solving methods-this was the statement that drew together the many statements from the speakers who followed and who shared concrete tools and solutions with enthusiasm and active interest.

Young people and students were an integral part of the initiative thanks to the activity held in Spazio78 organized together with Dot Academy and BeValory, where a group of talents was trained on the use of Model Canvas to design a business idea, working on real projects that will be presented on stage at Digital Innovation Days, scheduled to take place in Milan from October 25-27, 2023.

The format highlighted how a class action is possible that only with the support of technology can systematize different actors, public and private, associations and professionals, fostering dialogue between the parties, consolidating the method and generating a significant final impact.

"The future is an inspiring dimension for many, others are frightened of it ," says Nicola Nicoletti, COO of Digital Innovation Days, " however, the common thread is the way we approach everyday life: how we go to work, make purchases, food choices and more. The Cultural Design actions underway are clear indicators of the direction society is taking and will lead to solutions that will accelerate a more inclusive and sustainable future."

For the realization of DIDAYSTalks - Design Week Edition we thank Brita, supporting partner of the initiative, and the participating content partners: Dot Academy, BeValory, Notomia, Talent Garden, Coima Image, ONIM, 40Degrees, Realize Networks, MADE - Competence Center Industria 4.0, Deloitte and Keep Life.

Parts of the talks are available on-demand on the DIDAYSLab platform at the link https://live.digitalinnovationdays.com

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