OCTOBER 25-26-27, 2023


We're picking up exactly where we left off in 2022-with the Human for future edition-adding a piece and consolidating more and more of DIDAYS' desire to put humans at the center of innovation.
This time it's not humans alone, but the community, the ecosystem, the network generated by the union of special minds, those we call didders.


HUMAN CONN@CTIONS is the strand that will accompany DIDAYS on its journey into the future, where innovation is generated from the set of individual skills, abilities and emotions, which would not exist if not in relationship with each other, and thus within a community.

Digital Innovation Days is the stage for all the key players in digital innovation.
It is a community, an ecosystem, a network of professionals and companies, experts and curious people who come together to discuss trends and news in digital transformation.
The event, now in its 5th edition, is an opportunity for education and networking, thanks to the speakers who speak on stage.
The goal, through the telling of best practices and case histories, is to stimulate critical thinking, building a community that is able to generate innovation and that is able to form and in-form within the ecosystem.

Today, the word connection is enriched with new meanings, because through connections a virtuous ecosystem is created, value is generated, actions are born.
After the momentous experience of the pandemic, the need to re-create solid relationships in which each person can find his or her own dimension and can coexist with the desires of others in a stimulating and productive exchange is even stronger.
Unity is strength, and never before have ideals had to find concreteness in a shared direction. We are all involved, we are all DIDDERS!

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3 days of live event, 2 halls dedicated to digital and innovation in all its nuances, several workshops and laboratories. The Digital room and Innovation room will host speakers from different business sectors.




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