Networking Event Digital Innovation Days, Open Incet. Impactful Innovation seize the new challenges

Impactful Innovation:

Seizing the new challenges

  Wednesday, March 20 from 5:00 p.m.

  Open Incet, Piazza Teresa Noce 17, Turin

Digital Innovation Days in collaboration with Open Incet are pleased to host you in the setting of Turin for a time of insight, information and networking dedicated to innovation.

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Webinar, alibaba and Digital Innovation Days 2024, DidaysLab

Guide to B2B communication trends

Digital marketing and advertising on Alibaba.com

  Wednesday, March 20 from 10:00 am

  Online at DidaysLab

Step into the future of B2B marketing! Learn how digital natives are redefining the rules of the game as a decision-maker and how you can maximize your brand visibility with Alibaba.com.
Join our Webinar to unlock the secrets of a complex, yet opportunity-rich customer journey.

Don't miss this opportunity to seize advanced advertising solutions and win over a qualified target audience. Get ready to transform your B2B marketing strategy and reach new levels of success!

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Webinar, Echo of the Press and Digital Innovation Days, Didays
Coming soon events Digital Innovation Days- Didays24
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Webinar, Echo of the Press and Digital Innovation Days, Didays


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