It is not possible to talk about innovation without involving the actors of tomorrow: young people.

DIDAYS4STUDENTS is the container of activities for schools and universities, which allows young people to touch innovation with their hands and companies to get in touch with the digital professionals of the future.
Young people are hungry for information, and since the very first editions, the audience of DIDAYS has consisted of a large segment of students, who with the desire to train and in-form themselves have taken part in the proposed activities.

DIDAYS4STUDENTS is the DIDAYS Unit that aims to implement DIDAYS' approach to all those situations and opportunities where the new generation is the protagonist, providing konw-how and expertise through innovation tools to enable them to really make a difference.

DIDAYS4STUDENTS is DIDAYS' way of igniting the minds of younger people, giving them opportunities by connecting them with digital professionals, creating synergies between the experience of those who have been in this industry for a long time with the energy and ideas that will change the world.

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