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The DIDAYS team is made up of experts and enthusiasts in the digital and event world. who love to challenge the status quo and always find innovative solutions for the partners we collaborate with. We don't like boredom and we love to make a difference!
DIDAYS' mission is in the collaboration between individuals, and we believe that everyone has tremendous potential that is often not fully exploited. With our experience, DIDAYS is able to thoroughly analyze scenarios and needs to design customized solutions and offer consulting services for the content of each business.

Speaker selection and content definition is always a crucial step in organizing an event. The DIDAYS team, composed over time of digital and innovation professionals, is able to study in depth the context and target audience to identify the most suitable topics for the target audience. Thanks to the network established over the years, DIDAYS is able to create connections, intercept and select the most suitable speakers, and organize events with successful content.


DIDAYSTalks - Design Week Edition

The Digital Innovation Days event, which has been consolidated for years, stands as a reference point for digital innovation for the city of Milan.
DIDAYSWay unites different verticals of the economic market, such as culture, digitalization, tourism and horeca hospitality activities, since digital innovation is a transversal factor for all economic activities.
And this is why ISOLA DESIGN DISTRICT wanted DIDAYS as a partner for the creation of appointments with the main protagonists of Design, Innovation and Sustainability.
Thus was born DIDAYSTalks - Design Week Edition the initiative that will take place during Milan Design Week from April 18 to 23, 2023.
This partnership emphasizes the synergy between design and digital innovation, which must necessarily take into account a sustainable approach. The goal is to improve the efficiency of the District, expanding the catchment area with a particular focus on smart city sustainability, thanks to the involvement of experts in the field, which will create a new networking moment and a chance for economic-productive growth.

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