Andrea Moccia



Job Title

Founder and Editorial Director


A Bachelor's degree in Geology, a Master's degree in Georisources, and a distinguished international career in geology and geophysics. In 2018, he founded Geopop to share his knowledge about Earth's phenomena. Today Andrea is a recognized and beloved face for Italians and a reference point for science popularization. Because complex topics, if told in the right way, reach people's hearts and minds. Informing and entertaining.


25/10/2023 | 17:35 - 18:00

Science in everyday life with Geopop

What is the formula for turning science popularization into an authentic online phenomenon? Together with Founder and Editorial Director Andrea Moccia, we will go to the roots of the success of Geopop, a publishing project capable of combining authoritativeness and entertainment and of defining a new communicative paradigm, capable of engaging and exciting new generations. The mission? To bring "science into everyday life." Especially in that of young people, to cultivate tomorrow's innovators today.


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