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Journalist, communicator, reputation manager, lecturer. Founding partner of Bi Wise. Ceo The Magician. Co-founder Ailyn


Daniele Chieffi, Journalist, communicator, reputation manager and lecturer. He was director of communication at the Ministry of Innovation, led Eni's external digital communication. He teaches at the Catholic University of Milan, Iusve and 24Ore Business School. He edits the blog on communication issues, www.reptalk.it. He has published several essays, including the latest "Reputation in the Times of the Infosphere" for Franco Angeli in 2020.


27/10/2023 | 09:45 - 10:10
Web & Content Marketing

Face to face with GenZ: deciphering the codes of the new digital age

What are GenZ's favorite brands and why? How do you communicate with this generation, with what tools, what formats, what languages, what codes?
The comprehensive survey conducted by GenS, the Generations Observatory, on a sample of more than 3,000 young people answers these and many other questions, telling how Generation Z perceives, interacts and reacts to brand narratives.
The survey is also the official launch of the Gens Observatory, which was created to provide crucial insights to marketing and communications professionals and the research world on how to interpret the generational communication landscape, not just that of Generation Z. The goal is to provide effective roadmaps for building branding and communication strategies that are resonant, relevant, and that solidify the relationship and build two-way interaction between brands and consumers.


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