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In an event there is everything: training, opportunities, creativity. That is why he founded in 2018, over a beer and together with some friends, the FDO - For Disruptors Only project, which has now become Divergens. People say of him that he is good at making connections.


27/10/2023 | 15:30 - 16:30


New jobs, new professions, new requirements to explain to people you might want to work with. But if they don't really understand what you do in life, how do you work with them? You have to introduce yourself in seconds and avoid them saying, "okay, got it (not true) I'll let you know." Basically like Tinder, however if it goes wrong here no turnover. Grandma's Pitch could be the solution.

Grandma's Pitch could be the solution because if you can explain your work to your grandmother in one minute, you could do it with anyone.

We'll do so with Egidio Alagia, Ciccio Rigoli and Antonio Incorvaia for a Divergens workshop where, amid poetry slam and technology, we'll explain how to make you understand-perhaps even us-why your work is the coolest in the room.

Oh, then maybe it comes back good for Tinder as well, however, take it as a bonus.


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