Robin Devon Calandri


Pandarocket AI

Job Title

Chief Marketing Officer


With a degree in Legal Informatics, she is an expert in eCommerce, supply chain management and digital marketing, areas in which she has worked extensively as a consultant. Her passion for content marketing and educational content creation has made her a reference for the new generation of online sellers, especially in dropshipping. Today, her mission is to explain the workings and promote the use of artificial intelligence for eCommerce.


26/10/2023 | 15:30 - 15:50

How AI Transforms e-Commerce

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, the online retailer's success depends on its ability to remain "human" and leverage data. In his talk, Robin will share information on AI tools specific to the eCommerce industry, practical examples and case studies, gradually revealing the key principles for successfully addressing this paradigm shift.


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