Silvia Zanella


Job Title

Author and manager, Linkedin Top Voice Jobs


She covers and writes about the future of work, as a manager, public speaker, author, professional journalist. Linkedin Top Voice Work nominee.


26/10/2023 | 14:35 - 14:55
Job & Learning

New voices are needed at work

The business world has been left speechless. The radical change that has taken place in recent years has emptied of meaning many concepts taken for granted, both in everyday vocabulary and in management literature. It is not necessarily a matter of inventing new words, but of giving them a different meaning and voicing different points of view.

26/10/2023 | 14:55 - 15:10
Job & Learning

The words that matter at work

Conversation with Laura Huang, professor at Harvard Business School, on how to use the right vocabulary to express yourself in professional contexts.


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