Under the sun of Sicily together with blogger Giada Pappalardo of GLAM PHOTO MIX.

03/07/2017 | Digital


Today for #SMDAYITONTHEROAD we fly to Sicily, to meet Giada Pappalardo, a blogger with 28.5 thousand followers on Instagram.

You have 140 characters. Tell us about your blog in a tweet.

My blog is a personal diary and photo album. It encapsulates my greatest passions: photography, travel and fashion. It encapsulates me.
When and how was GlamPhotoMix born?
It was born in 2012, out of a desire to put myself out there, but it has been abandoned and picked up several times. It has grown over time and has now had this photographic focus for about a year.
Your blog is featured on Facebook and Instagram. Why did you choose these social channels?
I chose these channels because they are essential for me. They play an essential role in conveying the blog, and they are the social networks I use on a daily basis.

Let's talk about your Instagram profile. What do you choose to take your shots: SLR or smartphone?

I use both but lately I prefer to post mostly photos taken with my beloved Pentax. I have a very critical photographic eye and see imperfections everywhere. For me photography is an art and in every shot I try to put something of me, which is very difficult via a smartphone.

When did you become interested in photography? Did you take any courses?

I have been passionate about photography for as long as I can remember. But it was only in 2012 with the arrival of my first SLR, a gift from my uncle who is also passionate about photography, that I fell in love with this art form. I didn't attend any courses, just a few workshops, then I learned everything self-taught.
On your Instagram profile, nothing is left to chance, how do you organize the posting on your social channels?

On your Instagram profile, nothing is left to chance, how do you organize the posting on your social channels?

I curate Instagram a lot, and although there seems to be a well-established editorial plan, as in any self-respecting social media marketing strategy, I post by inspiration, without knowing what I will post next, always following a well-defined visual line.

First trip to Sicily: what itinerary would you recommend?

I love all of Sicily, but if I can advise you I would see for the first time the part of Catania or Taormina that in my opinion is pure Sicily. And then Syracuse, I have it in my heart!

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