HUMAN CONN@CTIONS: Humans and connections at the heart of innovation RoadtoDIDAYS 2023

humancon. 1 | Digital Innovation Days

Picking up where we left off in 2022 with the Human for Future edition, Digital Innovation Days continues to put humans at the center of innovation, but this time with a focus on the community, ecosystem and network generated by the coming together of special minds, the "Didders." Human Conn@ctions is the common thread of DIDAYS2023, which accompanies the event in its [...]

DiDays 2022: the three days of fire have ended, but the event does not end here!

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The atmosphere at the Talent Garden on October 26 and 27 was that of great events, where more than 2,000 participants, 170 speakers, 100 sponsors, partners and media gathered, online and onsite, to discuss the future of digital innovation. More than 400 people at the opening of the main stage proceedings with the [...]

Startups and innovation: the potential of the Italian ecosystem

| Digital Innovation Days

According to MISE's quarterly report, there were 14,621 startups in Italy as of July 1, 2022, registering a growth rate of 7.65 percent compared to the same period last year. This is an encouraging figure that makes us look to the future with optimism. On the occasion of the next edition of Digital Innovation Days, Italy's #1 event on digital [...]

DIGITAL INNOVATION DAYS 2022: At the press conference, a lively and topical panel discussion contextualizes the focus of the "Human for Future" event.

DSC7626 1536x1024 1 | Digital Innovation Days

Milan, MADE - Competence Center, October 11, 2022: event organizers Giulio Nicoletti and Nicola Nicoletti chose a place symbolic of innovation, technology transfer and applied research to host the press conference officially announcing DIGITAL INNOVATION DAYS 2022, an event sponsored by the City of Milan. Unusual was the round table format for a conference [...]

TikTok: how to launch and nurture a successful channel: the Vibram case.

did you know banner background 2 | Digital Innovation Days

Our eyes are undergoing a fundamental transformation: accustomed from time immemorial to enjoying entertainment in 16:9 (horizontal) format, and complicit with the increasing attachment to the smartphone, we have come to an almost total enjoyment of 9:16 (vertical). Because that's what we're talking about: entertainment, and TikTok is distinguishing itself from other social platforms as a point [...]

Enel X's sustainability program: how was it developed?

Cutter did you know 2022 Drawing board 1 copy 27 1 | Digital Innovation Days

Wondering what was the best way to give tangible value to the concept of environmental sustainability and concretely enable the decarbonization of the energy sector, we found an incisive answer in the principles of the Circular Economy, a model that allows the three souls of sustainability to be declined into concrete actions. Being sustainability players in the energy sector involves rethinking [...]

Metaverse: what business opportunities?

shutterstock 2062865573 1 1536x1025 1 | Digital Innovation Days

The Metaverse is not the future, it is the present. According to Google Trends, "Metaverse" is one of the most searched topics in the world as of November 2021, and, confirming the interest in Web 3.0, there is a tendency for many brands to want to understand what opportunities it can offer and for what areas it can be interesting. [...]

Aryel: Augmented Reality Marketing campaigns in just a few clicks

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Augmented Reality Marketing (AR Marketing) is a key resource for business professionals who want to stand out from the competition. Today, thanks to Aryel everyone can create Augmented Reality experiences in just a few clicks. Augmented Reality is a technology that is revolutionizing the world of marketing. It represents a new way in which brands interact [...]

Andrea Febbraio, the $500 million exit-maker

Andrea Febbraio is known as the serial venture builder in the digital marketing industry with ten exits in ten years, totaling over $500 million (including Teads, AdEspresso, Xingu, AtomikAd, Hej!, Sellbrite). But in addition to being a renowned venture capitalist throughout Europe, Andrea Febbraio has revolutionized the [...]

The Qonto Way: creating value by challenging one's intuitions

Is there a strategic way to successfully achieve your business goals and create a solid, scalable and sustainable growth trend? According to Qonto, the secret is "The Qonto Way," which is to create the perfect conditions to be able to constantly think and learn, turning problems into learning opportunities to keep growing.

Italian fintech pioneers rebrand, becomes Opyn

Opyn is the first platform that makes access to credit accessible and fast for businesses and simplifies the work of banks. A human fintech whose core business is digital financing and whose mission is to break down the barriers of financial bureaucracy. Opyn through its cutting-edge technology helps banks innovate and SMEs get credit quickly and easily

Are we really ready for the "New Normal"?

Indeed, in this pandemic year, technology has played a starring role, enabling companies and people (both those most predisposed to innovation and those somewhat more reluctant) to cope with unforeseen scenarios never before seen by our generations.

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